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Learn How to Save your Clients 80% on their Energy Bills!

Increase your Profits and become a Master of your Craft

The beauty of our great structures are deteriorating. Masonry restorers often face such humidity problems and structural issues.

What has changed?

Traditional architecture was modelled to maximise the benefits of nature. In the past, natural sunlight and ventilation were integral to the design. Over time, this knowledge and the methods to take advantage of these factors have been lost.

We are reinventing structural modelling to create sustainable and cost-effective, in tune with our environment and climate, while constantly exploring new design opportunities. The architects that can effectively cater to restoration, energy and ventilation challenges will inevitably win more projects, charge higher rates, require less capital to heat and cool their buildings, deliver lasting results and win awards in their respective markets.

New Expertise and Skills

Through this educative program, you will learn:

  • How to reduce your clients’ energy bills by 80%
  • 18+ years of market experience
  • How to remove toxic fumes from the building and replace them with fresh air rich with oxygen
  • The 12 causes for dampness in walls, their differences & solutions for old & new buildings
  • The wrong materials and methods used in restoration & construction
  • How to make a professional diagnosis
  • Diagnose Training

I have created a 1 on 1 coaching program that is going to change the way you do business. Architecture is a service model that has been resistant to innovation. I have developed a solution that will ensure that you are unique in the marketplace. Many architects in this business are following the same broken model. Your client wants to be healthy and safe within their homes. They want reduced energy bills, they need smart home technology and services.

Increase the Value of Your Clients Property by More than 30%!

With the Metaraku Consulting program you will have the ability to maximize your profits by delivering your clients unmatched savings. You will become the go to architect in your market with the confidence knowing that you can now effectively optimize the structural integrity and the well being of your clients. Deliver unmatched solutions and renovations without the need for ANY intrusive measures.

Get Your Jobs Done Faster While Charging Premium Rates

Become the all in one solution for your clients. Learn how to effectively renovate buildings to their original beauty. Confidently enter a project site with the information, tools and experience you need to produce tangible results fast.

With Over 18 Years of Market Testing in Over 45 Countries Around the World.

Our Methods Have Been Tried and Proven.




Your Questions Answered:


“Your program sounds interesting, but can’t I just look up this information myself?” Of course you can. It just comes down to how quickly do you want to acquire the information. I have created a packaged program that was created to provide you with the opportunity to skip my 18 years of trial and error. You will have the tips and tools they don’t teach in school.


But lets just say,

  • You already understand the difference between insulation made with toxic material from the natural ones.
  • You are confident in your ability to decrease the running costs of your clients’ property by 80%.
  • You have proven methods to remove the toxic fumes in the air while also delivering large quantities of fresh air into each room of your project.
  • You can restore an old house to its original appearance without any invasive measures, while also insuring that the structure will last for decades.
  • You are able to approach your client, identify the root cause of the humidity and suggest an eco-friendly, energy saving solution with 20 years of guaranteed results. If this is the case, then there is no need for you to buy my course. I NEED TO LEARN FROM YOU!


“I’m a very busy person, what should I expect from investing in your program?”

If you are truly busy that is all the more reason to take this course. With the knowledge that you will acquire in our program you will be able to work less (as in solving your clients’ problems will take you a shorter period of time with fewer guesses and misfires.) With my program you will Increase your Earnings by effectively charging more for your services based upon the money you will save through their reduced energy expenses.


I’ve gone to school and worked under some of the best in the business, why wouldn’t I just follow their advice instead?”

The teachings in universities fail to deliver on the job experience. While I agree there is much value in these institutionalized forms of education there is a massive gap in the market that I aim to close. Unless you have a craftsman that has diligently studied the science and art of reducing your clients’ expenses with natural materials and detailed ventilation systems you are leaving value on the table every time you sit down to meet with your client.


“Arjan, why the Metaraku Consulting program… and why you?”

The program is based on the knowledge and information that is not yet taught in universities, this experience can only be obtained through highly specialized courses and trainings. In my program I am going to deliver to you the 12 deep causes (yes there are at least 12) of high humidity in the buildings and a spectrum of solutions that guarantees long lasting results.


“Do you have any downloadable products that I can use?”

Yes, my programs are downloadable and can be handy in your everyday work. I will also provide you with hands on support for your first project, simply send me photos of your work so I can help you deliver an accurate diagnosis. I want to ensure that you get off to a fast start and see noticeable results in your business quickly.


Arjan, do you stand behind your promises that I will see a tangible transformation in my business?” Absolutely. If you follow the training and protocols within the program while implementing the information correctly, you will see noticable results in your business with your very first project. If you are not happy with what you have learned you are entitled to a full refund, guaranteed.