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About Arjan Metaraku

From a very young age, Arjan Metaraku has always been fascinated with the composition of every object imaginable and the way things work. Driven by his curiosity during his childhood and upbringing, Arjan was inspired to use this thirst for knowledge to study Mechanical Engineering and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning), to better understand the physics behind how heating and energy can work hand in hand. Once he became an Air Quality Consultant, he identified the need of coupling his knowledge and expertise with raising awareness to the general public.

To Arjan, practicality, beauty, shape, size, comfort and above all, the use of natural elements, are all aspects in life that should be taken advantage of in such a way that help both man and the environment. It was at this moment in time he realised he wanted to help people enrich their lives with Mother Nature’s natural resources.

As time passed, Arjan continued his extensive research on how the improvement of air quality and life in general can be implemented without having a negative impact on our planet, whilst saving money, energy and, perhaps most importantly, keeping everybody healthy. Innately, man seems to be preprogramed to do things according to what’s in vogue and trendy, rather than what is beneficial to his being and overall surroundings. Ultimately, by utilising the relationship between science, technology and design, a more lucid vision of how man can augment the quality of life and the environment can be implemented successfully.